Who know they
don’t   have to
do it alone.


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You’ve got enough grit to build your business alone.
But why, when you don’t have to?


I get it, you feel comfortable in your own space, surrounded by your favorite things. It’s safe, no judgment, no microagressions,
no one looking over your shoulder. You’re in your comfort zone.

But what if you could hang out in a space that felt more like home? Where the creative juices flowed freely among other women of color (WOC) just like you? Where being pushed out
of your comfort zone, equals exponential growth? New opportunities? New connections? And where passion and purpose is the name of the game with other empire-builders like you who only want to see you “win win win”?

This is The Us Space. An intentional creative space for women of color & women-centric organizations to thrive. An inclusive community, where ‘the table’ is built with our members specifically in mind. We’re bringing the good energy —positive vibes only.

Where you’ll finally get that…you don’t have to go at it alone.

So, let’s build a different way, shall we?

“We’re creating a haven for you.”

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