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Why should you support TUS?

The Us Space is for so many people: you, your mother, your daughter, your partner, your friend, and for people that are very successfully answering the call to solve problems large and small in all of our communities. We are intentionally creating space for WOC and women centric-organizations … an inclusive community that’s driving force is supporting our members. 

Think about TUS as the galleria of shared space… our members will be able to walk in and get to work without worrying about your superpowers of being a Woman of Color or a Woman in leadership hindering you!

TUS will be located in historical areas such as Houston’s 3rd and 5th Wards. The idea is not to create isolated spaces in communities of color but to foster innovation in the city and a new economy while prospering within our communities. 


Target Communities

As you can see from the map, the planned TUS space will be located in an area that is desperately in need of a co-working community.  It will be conveniently located near communities of color, opportunity zones, and several revitalization initiatives in the City of Houston. There is no better time to create the haven we envision and to strengthen and gird up the people and businesses that reside there.

We are excited to share this vision with you and hope that you will join us in making it a reality!

Check out the ways below that you can get involved to help bring this vision to life!

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Partner with TUS to help us realize our dream of creating a warm and welcoming haven for POCs. You will be investing in creating a stronger and more diverse Houston business community.


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You provide a financial gift to help us raise funds that go directly towards the purchase of our new facility.

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