Get to know us better

We were founded to fulfill an unmet need to be seen, heard, found, and understood.

After spending years looking for and not finding spaces that were affordable and connected to a genuine collaborative community, our founder, LaGina Harris, created The Us Space!

The Us Space (TUS) is a women of color (WOC) focused collective that answers the challenges of accessibility and the lack of convenience. We help members combat the feelings of loneliness that come from working from home and
growing a business alone by providing an alternative to this reality.

TUS was created to be a positive, affirming, and uplifting environment where ideas can flourish safely. We are an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and ‘the table’ is built with women of color specifically in mind.


The Us Space is intentionally creating space for our growing collective of women of color, their teams, & women-centric organizations to thrive.



To become the leading ecosystem for women to have access to uplifting support. A new kind of intentional space for unapologetic self-starting women forming a socially responsible community, based on support, networking, innovation, and fun.

Our Pillars

There is power in our P’s! Everything we are building and creating is intentional and we use our five P’s to navigate.

Professional —> Support
Partnership —> Collaboration
Programming —> Networking
Productively —> Energy
Prosperity —> Revenue

Our Values

The Us Space (TUS) is a tech-enabled intentional innovative space for women of color, their teams, and women-centric organizations to thrive through creating, collaborating, and building a resource-rich community. We are answering the challenges of accessibility, lack of community, the feeling of loneliness, and finding an alternative for traditional offices in this new normal. TUS offers Space as a Service (SaaS) adhering more closely to the norms and behaviors of the technology industry than the real estate industry. This inclusive community is welcoming to all and ‘the table’ is built for women of color specifically in mind.

Innovative Ecosystem – We strive to bring innovative approaches and practical support to each person that interacts within our ecosystem.

Community Building – Our actions are driven by our member insights and needs, to help create a community built to construct collective social impact.

Woman-Centricity – We value our members and want to remove as many mundane obstacles by providing reliable turn-key solutions.

Collaboration – Our environment is intentionally built for collaboration to thrive by always seeking and providing opportunities to navigate partnerships based on integrity, trust, & respect.

Creative Culture – We celebrate cognitive processes and provide space for our members to ideate.


Hi, I’m LaGina

Founder of The Us Space

The genesis of TUS really started over six years ago when I was living in Austin, TX. At that time I had been working for a number of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. There was a common feeling evoked from every position — not feeling seen, heard, understood, or valued.

It was during that time, in my spare time, I started organizing art shows which brought together other talented creatives; artists, stylists, painters, and so many others. The sense of community fostered in those spaces helped me to realize that it was something that not only did I need, but others did as well. These shows reinforced for me the concept of community in my life. It was something I was craving for a while, even though I didn’t know it. As I dug deeper into the research around women-centric organization, I realized that the community I wanted, did not exist.

Hence, TUS was born. In 2020 during the Pandemic, I decided to dedicate myself to building the community that I craved, one that could not only feed my soul but the souls of other women just like me. Women who wanted a space where ‘different’ thrived and creativity is not only fostered, but encouraged.

If you’re one of those women seeking a place that you can come to for support, for connection, for collaboration, or to quell the loneliness of creating alone, then we are excited to welcome you to a place like no other.

Come take your seat at the table.


The Meaning Behind Our Logo

As we’ve mentioned, there is intention behind everything we do and our logo is no different. Many have asked if there is symbolism behind the use of the three triangles and our answer is always, of course!

The logo was developed through collaboration with members of TUS. The rounded triangles represent the beauty, smoothness, and compassion that women have. The curves in the logo represent our bodies and the power, collaboration, and representation of women. Finally, the center triangle means all roads lead to collaboration. If you look closely you can also see the “W” at the intersection representing the womb of women as we birth something amazing at The Us Space.


Interested in becoming a tus partner?

We love our partners, they are an important part of making TUS the impactful community it is today. If you’re interested in partnering with us, we would love to connect with you.