Meet the TUS Team

Feb 9, 2022

I’d like you to meet LaGina, Darnae, and Anormeh, the three ladies behind TUS. Each brings experience and a unique perspective to helping the women in our community.

LaGina Harris is our Founder and CXO. She has a background in health and physical education/fitness and a master’s degree in higher education: Student Affairs.

She brings her 13 years of broad-based leadership experience in academic, philanthropic, and non-profit organizations as well as an outstanding track record in customer relations, project/event management, organizational management, public relations, and marketing to help bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Darnae Joseph, also known as the Membership Experience Maven has a background in Marketing from Sam Houston State University. She is an experienced Promoter with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry. She is skilled in customer service, sales, marketing, Microsoft Office, and social media.

Anormeh (Tonna) Noamesi who is our Partnerships and Growth Maven has a BSc in Medical Sciences and an MPH in MBChB Medicine. She has 3 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is skilled in biomedical research and has experience with data collection (field interviewing), data abstraction, public speaking, community engagement, and leading teams in the healthcare and finance fields to achieve shared goals.


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